People often ask me how I came to be a photographer. Looking back, what is clear to me is that I have always been at heart a story teller. As a child growing up in Europe, I loved to write short stories and poems and assumed I would one day become a writer. By the time I finished school, however, I realized that a wonderful way for me to tell stories would be through television directing, and I found myself employed by a station in Hamburg that trained me in all aspects of TV production, including camera operation.

Television allowed me to combine my interest in camera technology with my love of getting involved in the details of a production. I love putting the pieces of a story together “just so” in order to tell it in the most effective and impactful way. After relocating to the Bay Area in 2003, I worked for a number of the local TV affiliates and around this time began seriously exploring the world of still photography.

As with television, what I love about photography is the opportunity to tell the story, whether my subject is your wedding, private or corporate event or your portrait. I bring to each of these subjects what I call a “European eye” or sensibility, which informs the way I approach, frame, interact, and ultimately convey what I see. By paying extremely close attention to details, my work conveys both the “facts” and the essence of my subject. This is in part what distinguishes me from other photographers and is a quality I bring to every job.

This means that in your experience with me, whether centered around your wedding, your private or corporate event, you as a portrait subject, you can be assured that your story will be told in a complete, memorable and innovative way!